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Memoirs &  

Erotic Poetry


As we start to fall asleep

I’m stirred by the memories,

awake in a dream


I begin to caress him again

And my god

it's as before;

in our madness

we slip back into the dance floor

both begging

more more more

the desire is almost painful

so full, so full


delightful we indulge

Morning’s light brings restpice

as lids so heavy fall closed

bodies lay limp

from the nights healing.

by Daisy Kaye


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….He’s all grrrs and purrrrs

he has me in a tail spin

we’ve lost all time

don’t know where we are going

until we find ourselves

caressed by the yoga mat hanging from the dinning room set

Hu….what… how’d we get here?

And I’m picked up again

in a spin, he brings me in,

we kiss, a deep passionate longing kiss,


suspended in a cloud of sweet mist…

then rattled again with a frantic mayhem


sensory over load

I drink him in

open to god to receive everything

absolute bliss kicks in

as I writhe

uncontrollably free

serpents dancing wildly within me


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